Writing Contest

*CONTEST DEADLINE: Entry must be received by email by April 3, 2017 at midnight.

Above view of a girl geek . She is using her laptop and looking at the camera. [url=http://www.istockphoto.com/search/lightbox/9786682][img]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/40117171/children5.jpg[/img][/url]

It is not a requirement to enter the Tween Author Boot Camp writing contest. Enter only if you want to.

This is a creative writing contest. No reports or essays.

There are four age brackets in the contest:

  • Bracket 1:  9 year olds
  • Bracket 2:  10 year olds
  • Bracket 3:  11 year olds
  • Bracket 4: 12 year olds

The top three winners in each division will receive a cash prize. There will also be several honorable mentions in each division.


Rules and Guidelines:

  1. All writing must be original and done completely by the tween. The tween may get help formatting the digital entry and sending it via email to the conference. 

  2. Only one entry allowed per person.

  3. Entrants to the contest must be registered for the conference.

  4. No team entries will be allowed.

  5. Entries must be in English.

  6. Entries must be no less than 500 words and no more than 1,000.

  7. Entries can be an entire story or just the first part of a longer story.

  8. All entries must be typed and saved as a Microsoft word file (.doc or .docx) (no links to google docs will be accepted)

  9. All files must be attached to an email and sent to: contact@tweenabc.com by midnight on Apirl 3, 2017. No exceptions. No Google document “shares” will be allowed. 

  10. Entries must be double-spaced with one-inch margins in 12 pt. Times New Roman or Arial Font.

  11. Pages must be numbered.

  12. Include a title page that has the title, author name, and age bracket.  At the top of the second page write the title and then begin the story. Don’t write your name on any of the pages other than the title page.

  13. If the rules are not followed, an entry will be disqualified.  


Email entries as a Microsoft word attachment to contact@tweenabc.com.

The following is  a copy of the judging sheet that will be used:

Tween abc judging rubric