Drill Sergeants

Keynote: Jessica Day George

New York Times bestselling author Jessica Day George likes chocolate, knitting, books, travel, movies, dragons, horses, dogs, and her family. Not necessarily in that order. But maybe. It all depends the day.

Drill SergeantJ. Scott Savage

J. Scott Savage is the author of seventeen published novels including the Farworld series from Shadow Mountain, the Case File 13 series from Harper Collins, and the Mysteries of Cove series.

Class Title: Make Stories Come to Life

Have you ever finished reading a book so good you felt like you could see the whole thing in your head? Learn how to make that  happen with your own story.


Drill Sergeant: Peggy Eddleman

As a child, Peggy spent her days trying to impress her teachers and become the teacher’s pet. Her evenings were full of crazy daring adventures with her  mischievous brothers. When she grew up, she wanted to be an illustrator or a mathematician. She became an author instead.

Class Title: Show, Don’t Tell.
Have you ever heard the phrase “Show, don’t tell?” What does that mean? Never fear. This class will show you how!

Drill Sergeant: Mikey Brooks

Illustration has always been a love of Mikey’s. His art has been seen in many forms from picture books to community murals. He loves to doodle on almost anything. He is an author and full-time illustrator and cover designer.

Class Title: Make Magic with Words and Art

There are certain things that just go perfectly together, like ketchup and mustard, salt and pepper, socks and shoes, and WORDS and ART. Come and see the many ways in which you can incorporate art into your writing.

Drill Sergeant: Lois D. Brown

Lois keeps thinking one of these days she’ll grow up, but so far it hasn’t happened. She still loves to stay up late watching movies, play laser tag, brave the rollercoasters at Disneyland, and write books.

Class Title: What’s your Hook? 

Learn how to catch your readers with the very first paragraph of your story.


These books and MORE will be for sale at the Provo Library during the conference. Be sure to buy a few and have the authors sign them.

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